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Rotary Social Samaritans

What We Do

We look for and support local charities that are often missed by others helping much larger organizations in the Fort Lauderdale and Broward area. We'll support them with social, happy hour fundraising, networking, and through service projects.

Who Are We

We're just like you! Local professionals and retirees of all ages in the Fort Lauderdale area and members of Rotary International. Rotary is made of People of Action who see needs in their community and across the world and take steps to address them.


Is It For You
There's only one way to find out...come check us out! We host regular fundraising socials and networking events, and have meetings twice a month. We'd be happy to have you join us and see if Rotary is the right fit for you!

Current Social Samaritan

Chair George Palaidis with Rotary International President

R. Gordon McInally


2023-24 Rotary Theme: Create Hope in the World

R. Gordon R. McInally, Rotary International's 2023-24 President, has named Create Hope in the World as the theme during his term, calling for members to capture the world's attention and lead the way toward possibilities far beyond our current expectations.


"The goal is to restore hope — to help the world heal from destructive conflicts and, in turn, to help us achieve lasting change for ourselves," McInally said at Rotary's annual training event for incoming district governors.

"Peace is the soil where hope takes root," McInally said.


"Rotary helps create the conditions for peace, opportunity, and a future worth living," he said. "By continuing what we do best, by remaining open and willing to change, and by keeping our focus on building peace in the world and within ourselves, Rotary helps create a more peaceful world — a more hopeful world."

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